TAC Scan

A unique service offered by McCarthy outlets designed to take the guess work out of inspecting your tyres.

Developed in the United Kingdom for Formula One and used by no less than 12 teams, the manufacturer has now made these available for commercial use and we are proud to offer this to our clients as another value added service.

A laser LED equipped with 4 sensors scans across the entire cross section of a tyre, taking measurements every 0.5mm (up to 600 data points per tyre) which is then transferred to a file and generates a very simple to read report detailing:

  • Tyre position
  • Remaining tread depth averaged across 5 critical zones on each tyre
  • Maximum tread depth available in centre of tyre and each shoulder area
  • Remaining useable tread
  • Any uneven tyre wear
  • Graphic representation of tyre profile
  • Overall condition analysis and recommendation

    (tyre pressure also noted when used in conjunction with the equipped pressure probe)

This scanner effectively removes any human error in inspecting your tyre and assures you of 100% objective data. So when we make any recommendations regarding replacement, wheel alignment, pressure adjustment etc. you know you are getting the right advice and not a ‘sales pitch’.

Returning clients performing routine maintenance such as tyre rotation, alignment and balancing can now compare current and previous scans to see how their tyres are performing in terms of longevity and predict replacement intervals. With this remarkable piece of equipment we can track each tyre from date of fitting to its ultimate replacement and give you invaluable insight into the value you have received from them – unique to McCarthy!